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Removing Lower Branches Of A Tree

Bradford Tree Surgeons specializes in crown lifting, a targeted tree pruning technique primarily suitable for broad-leaf trees like Oak and Beech. This process involves selectively removing lower branches, particularly from the outer crown sections, to create a balanced branch structure and allow more light penetration below the tree canopy.

While crown lifting offers numerous benefits, it’s crucial to approach this task with precision and caution. Large, ground-level branches directly connected to the tree trunk should remain untouched to preserve the tree’s overall health. Additionally, crown lifting is not recommended for older trees or those with a large trunk diameter, as it may lead to trunk decay. In such cases, crown thinning is advised to manage the tree’s growth rate effectively.

Why Choose Bradford Tree Surgeons for Crown Lifting?

Specialising in tree maintenance, pruning, and crown reduction, Bradford Tree Surgeons boasts a team of experienced and qualified professionals. With a commitment to preserving tree health and ensuring safety, they offer tailored solutions, ensuring every tree thrives in its environment.

Highly recommended

Five star service. Job was done to an extremely high standard. Lawrence and Callum were very professional. Definitely be using again.

– Lesley

First class

A five-star service carried out to our exact specifications from a professional company. Will use them again and highly recommend them

– Janet

Trimming ivy

Another excellent job by Lawrence and team. Despite finding a wasps nest they continued to cut my ivy and just left a little section next to the nest. As usual the work was carried out in a friendly but professional way.

– Joan

Key Considerations for Crown Lifting

  • Branch Structure: The method is best suited for trees with a broad-leaf structure. For trees with significant trunk diameters, it’s advisable to thin the lower branches rather than lift the entire crown, preventing potential trunk decay.
  • Gradual Approach: Adopting a slow and careful approach over the years ensures optimal growth and health of the tree. Unlike crown reduction, lifting allows better light penetration without compromising the tree’s well-being.

Benefits of Crown Lifting

  • Enhanced Visibility: By elevating the tree’s canopy base, visibility improves for traffic, signs, and structures below.
  • Space Optimization: Removing lower branches ensures buildings remain unobstructed, and the ground underneath is free from branches.
  • Improved Lighting: One of the primary benefits is the increased light penetration, opening up views and benefiting the ecosystem beneath the tree.